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About Us

We operate in a wide variety of locations, including social housing, the public sector and commercial buildings too. We go much further than run of the mill cleaning contractors as we offer full facilities service management to simplify your cleaning requirements. RER Group has developed a strong reputation as the premier facilities services management company, working with you to provide a tailored approach to your individual needs. Whether we’re providing cleaning contractors, grounds maintenance or window cleaning, our operatives take pride in their work and will always deliver the best result possible.Talk to us today about the practical benefits of using our caretaking and cleaning contractors; most companies that come to us find that choosing RER Group is a highly cost effective solution, and at the same time we can deliver facilities services management that removes the day to day hassle of operating their own internal services.

With RER Group you’re assured a high quality result from all our teams. For example our specialized school cleaning services ensure a swift and spotless execution using the latest equipment and cleaning technologies that can take care of even the most difficult situations. At the backbone of our school cleaning services is an undertaking to ensure that all common areas and conference rooms are cleaned and polished, rubbish is removed, vacuuming is done and all restroom supplies are resupplied daily. Our school cleaning services also include any necessary dry, steam and foam shampooing too, but these are just our core processes. Each team goes above and beyond what you’d expect (and are probably used to) to ensure that our school cleaning services will leave you in no doubt that RER Group are the best cleaning contractors available.

Through meticulous recruitment, we’ve made sure we only choose team members who are driven to be the best cleaning contractors possible, whether you need general office cleaning, grounds maintenance or our deep cleaning solutions for estates or void clearance.

Call us today on 0845 310 2435 and one of our team will be happy to discuss your needs for cleaning contractors or our full facilities service management.